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Facial revitalization is sometimes referred to as an Acupuncture Facelift, however, it is more than a cosmetic procedure which uses very fine needles, gentle rollers and massage to stimulate the flow of qi on the face.  


The treatment is very pleasant. It releases tension and increases the blood supply to all the tissues of the face. It reduces and softens wrinkles, brightens eyes and improves facial circulation and color. It releases stress and muscular tension in the face.  


Dien Chan Facial Reflexology


Facial Reflexology ‘Dien Chan’ was originally developed in Vietnam by Professor Bui Quoc Chau, a Vietnamese Acupuncturist. Through the use of needles Dien Chan applies the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  


Dien Chan Reflexology is a unique system that treats symptoms in the body via the stimulation of zones on the face to repair and prevent imbalances of every kind.  


The more this technique is applied, the more powerful it becomes. Its purpose is to dissolve the energetic block that is at the root of all diseases and illnesses. By allowing the free flow of energy back into circulation we are able to encourage the body to self-heal by massage, stimulation and knowledge of vital points on the face. Following treatment, clients will be given an appropriate zone map so that they are able to continue the self-healing therapy at home.


Mirror Medicine - Dien han Zone® OPERATORS

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